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ITALY ALLEGHE Basket First Italian Division new sport parquet floor

ITALY ALLEGHE (Belluno) VENETO – September 2012 NEW SPORT PARQUET FLOOR Sport Hall in Caprile Basket First Italian Division Between 29th August and 7th September the mountain camp on Belluno Dolomites in Alleghe for Umana Reyer Venezia. Umana Reyer Venezia and the City of Alleghe bind themselves with an important three-year partnership. Thanks both to the local administration and to the Tour Operator Union’s involment, the location will actually host the prechampionship camp in the mountains for the first “gold and garnet red” Team for the next three years, but it will be also the place for activities within the youth area of Umana Reyer. This significant agreement for both scenes has as first appointment the first male “gold and garnet red” Team in Alleghe during the first week of September, for the preseason camp, as training for the upcoming First Division Championship.
In the picture Aldo Cammarata – Seicom’s Manager - and Giuseppe Crupi – Sport Councillor for the City of Alleghe The Sport Hall in Caprile has hosted Umana Reyer training. The facility’s been expressly renovated, on purpose for the presence of “gold and garnet red” Team in September. "We took the opportunity of the planned presence of Umana Reyer and, thanks to Veneto Region contribution, we have renovated the facility because we really believe in this operation” – explains Alleghe Sport Councillor – Mr. Crupi (picture).

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